Buy now or wait for another market crash?

So what y’all think right now I’m pretty much not playing Supermax made pd already. I got like 3 days or so until I need to finalize my lineup. I’m looking to maybe cop 98 Bron with speed shoes have around 300k built up, y’all think I should buy right now or wait for another mini crash?

I don’t really need him right now and certain cards I feel are rising again. Should I just hold off until the next pd or big name drop and cop him then?! I feel like if we get a pd Tmac or PG13 people will be giving away Brons cards.

Wait till tomorrow, we may get some form of new content.


Should I flip my base 98 Bron tonight? Is 4hrs ending tonight a bad idea?

I’m upgrading him either way to a diamond shoe.

Maybe, I mean, the market isn’t recovering at all from this so yeah why not?

I just listed him. I never list at night but oh well there weren’t that many up so could be a good thing and it’s not like he was selling for 160 plus during the day anyways. I’ll be happy with 140 plus.

You’ll get that. I’m sure we’ll get some uber op card tomorrow that’ll make PD MJ go for BIN lol best to sell before then

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Yea had him at point I got Baron and Lonzo so I’m straight until the next market crash.

I should have around 400k after I sell him

Prices are skyrocketing right now on XB1. just saw a kawhi sell for 150k. Was planning on buying Klay and Magic tonight but looks like I’ll wait