Buy Melo Now?

Should I buy him now? Or do I wait until KD drops? Hes still just stillso expensive.

What he sitting at now

600k on ps4

Lol you gotta wait 2 weeks if you wanna see a big drop in price tho. I would just buy him now and use him.

He’s honestly worth it. I literally went budget squad around him so I don’t get equalized so hard. But when he goes he goes off very quickly

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The closest one to end on PS4 right now is 728k

Just get Clyde

Wait, he’s just not worth 600-700k MT, especially with Durant coming soon. He’s a good card and all but that’s just way too much for 1 card, plus he’ll be overshadowed in a month or two once KD, TMac, PG13, and all those guys drop.

Melo cant be overshadowed .unless new melo drop. Those card will drop his price…

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I’ll take upgraded versions of KD, LeBron, TMac, PG13, and Kawhi over him any day of the week. This Melo isn’t gonna be the best auctionable card in the game forever, he’ll drop from that 600-700k price tag as these better cards come out

I have been thinking about selling Melo since he’s over 600k again and I can’t learn his shot release in MTU , he only does well for me in TTO