Button Latency and Playing Zone Defense

I know this has been mentioned before, but is 2k even aware of this or is just in our heads at this point? Lol.

I brought a fun line up to Unlimited with some fun cards I like to use (I kept GO D Rob, GO Kawhi, and DM Zion at the end of my bench just so my opponent knew I wasn’t in sweat mode, didn’t care about taking the L. Just wanted a fun game)

Dude has a god squad (which is cool no issues there) but runs the zone the entire game. The thing is…my dudes won’t shoot when I’m pressing the button. My opponent is spamming square and rotating from every which way so a second of delay disrupts my entire offense… It’s a crazy delay. I never have an issue with a lazy zone but the dudes that are constantly rotating and spamming steal breaks the game on offense. On one possession at the end of the game I was driving to the hoop, had a dunk in his zone and my game completely lags…3 seconds later I’m out of bounds…his ball lmao.

I’m on Next Gen and it’s crazy this still happens. One reason I will never run zone. I rather get beat by 30 than run a zone and win. It literally breaks the game.


why? zone is part of a team’s defensive scheme. its not impossible to break but i get you once you’re lagging it becomes a nightmare.

I run zone when my opponent lives and dies by zigzag rim run. and usually guys with this playstyle doesnt know what to do when facing zone defense

I definitely understand why someone would use a zone, for sure. On Next Gen it seems like for the past few weeks it’s really hard to contain the zig zag when they can Curry slide as well. It’s really difficult to on ball lately when it was a huge positive.

I just hate how Zones makes the game function. The slight delay really is a pain in the ass and messes up the entire rhythm of the game. I can have an open shot but my guy takes an extra second or two to hold the ball. By that time he’s covered and shooting a 99% contest while Giannis is diving like Jeff Hardy from the top rope in his direction.


The icon pass latency is absolutely a real thing when playing against zone, idk why does this happen.

It actually on some situations doesn’t activate at all which basically gives out a free basket to my opponent.


Zone is not that hard to beat irl, just screen the top or distort the zone with overloads & filling in the gaps.

The issue in 2k is the horrendous pass animations on offense that are seemingly warped into interceptions.

Also, players not being ready to simply catch & shoot is a huge issue that allows the zone to catch up too. 5 out is the easiest solution unfortunately because there’s always an overload at the top & you don’t have to worry about players getting set because they stand at their spots like cones ready to catch & shoot.


I agree with the animations, it’s terrible.

Beating the zone is pretty easy as far as gameplay wise…it’s the fact that when I press square…my player doesn’t shoot. :dizzy_face: Or if I press X my player doesn’t pass. Lmao. :man_facepalming:t5:

And it’s so inconsistent it messes with how you can play… disrupts the entire timing.


Button latency has been very prevalent the past couple days on next gen. The worst

The latency has been like that for years. Its dumb.

Of course people can play zone defense. They can do whatever they want in a game. But button latency is smth that can absolutely ruin your game. I’ve been there where I have just enough time to get my shot off and my guy won’t shoot. And by the time they do it’s heavily contested. Idk what causes this but it’s the worst thing in online gameplay and needs to go.


monitor vs TV plays a role on this button latency

I don’t have any issues unless I’m playing someone in a zone tho. Not a normal zone, we are talking the dudes that grind Unlimited on someone else’s account. Rotating every where. I don’t have an issue playing them or them using zone. But my gameplay is usually fine.Very minimal lag or latency for me. It’s just when I play the square spammers I have the most issues.

No I know the latency he’s talking about because it only happens against certain people that like dude says, rotate in the zone a certain way

You literally pass the ball in the window of time that normally would give you plenty of time/space to shoot but for some reason the button doesnt respond. I wouldn’t even call it latency I’ve been calling it a glitch. I just didn’t know anyone else experienced this forreal lmao


I run plays against zone, sometimes icon passing does not work at all. Defense opens up like a sunflower but i loose the ball lol. Veeery annoying.

This is so annoying on defense when I’m trying to switch and end up ragingly tapping R1 and I call a timeout by accident when my opponent scores.
Then he jumps on the mic and starts trash talking like dude gtfo of my face this shitty game doesn’t let me play defense properly…

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I’ve always wondered why this happens. I didn’t know if it was zone or not. But all of a sudden all of your passes have these catch animations that make your player take 20 steps before you can actually control them.

Or they catch it, and you press shoot and the animation dumb slow so the defense is able to close out and get a 90% contest.

Or the fact that the damn SF glitch still exists and WILL NOT let you shoot with your small forward at times off the pass after icon passing to them and they are wide open.

Like this shit has been happening for years. Current and next gen. And your players will have HOF catch and shoot. And will not catch and shoot it. It’s annoying as fuck.

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Nah I only play monitor and it happens that still. People realized months ago on Next Gen that zone was the way to go. I run into zone 80% of the time on next gen I would say

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The worst of all is when you’re up by 1 with 10 seconds to go and on defense. And then you just can’t play defense and may lose the game because of this.

I know what I’m about to say is a totally different issue, but what about when you cannot icon press on defense? Like, what triggers that glitch? It pisses me off because I get eaten up on transition every time when that happens.


This game is broken on so many levels it’s fucking sad. Almost every game there’s at least one or two times when I drive to the basket after breaking my opponent and I can’t dunk or make a layup for no reason whatsoever. I’m completely wide open, there’s no zone, there’s no lag, the shot button just doesn’t want to work and I go out of bounds :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yeah not being able to shoot with the button sometimes when facing a zone has been happening for years. Its a joke lol