Bulls Prices on AH

Seems like the steady low is around 2000 for Bulls players. There is a requirement for one of the Weeklies at least.

If you want to snipe, these packs are dumping Bulls so there’s a lot to snipe for…but competition is fierce.

If you just want them for the Challenge, snipe or wait. There is too much supply coming in and these will all end up cheap.

At least get some more bang for your buck and don’t buy really low OVR cards. Shoot for a good price on the Rubies, like Ruby Pippen and Theus.

Or wait a bit for Amethyst like Deng and Noah to come down below 5K. Good bench players.

looks like the market settled. none of my bulls card sold in the prev 20-30 minutes :frowning:

the first hour was good, they went for 4-5k avg.
now its looks like 1.5k a bulls a player.

Makes sense. Even 1.5K is too high, considering the massive amount of Bulls that would have dropped in packs, and which will continue to come.

I almost sold off all the cheap Bulls I had, but decided I didn’t feel like the aggravation of selling and rebuying.