Build me a TTO lineup 350k

Now that Veronica is gone (rip my girl you will never be forgotten) i have to find another way to earn MT. TTO looks like the best for that. Can you offer me a beast 3 man lineup within 350k? Also i want all 3 to have diamond contract so please calculate in it that maybe i need to spend 90k on diamond contract.

Just buy 3 Ruby cards and you can win every game.

Ruby Zingus - Ruby Mo Pete - Emerald Brook Lopez.

Anything else is 10 second input delay EQ lag after the update from a few days ago.

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Amethyst Hedo, Amethyst Porzingis, Emerald Brook Lopez. Should cost around 100k.

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Hedo- Amy Porzingis - PG13

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Magic Hedo KP


As much I hate how generic magic is, that’s the best lineup you can have for 350k.


TTO to me is all about threes, doesnt matter if your opponent gets easy 2s if you hit 8 threes.

Diamond steph really is a problem and pretty much an automatic bucket from 3. I found it hard to lose with him in TTO as you just call a screen run to the right and just launch it.

Magic on the other hand is good but i prefer him in MTU.

So guys what do you think about a Curry - Hedo - Amy KP lineup? I think i will try this and if not work than change Curry to either Magic or PG13

Not curry you dont want small guard in this.

Hedo - KP for sure and the last you just want a 6.8 + 3 and D guy ( butler, pg13…)

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Iggy: 100k
Pippen: 100k
Blake: 100k

Enjoy the lockdown defense

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Small guard is only bad for getting scored on by 2 pointers.

IMO tto is about spamming threes.

I agree that small players aren’t great in 2k but im telling you, its almost impossible to not make 6 threes with curry a game.

He’s too good at shooting.

at least run hedo KP PG13 im not a fan of magic in tto for some reason, you need to spam threes.

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FWIW i run limited roy, pg13, and AD and Im pretty sure i’ve never lost with this line-up.

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i mean ofc you can run curry but if you dont want to loose he is not the best option.

I dont want to sound cocky, but i dont loose and grind this shit for hours while watching netflix and run hedo - pd giannis - AK 47

i even got GO worthy, but hedo is better to score on offball ( 90% of the ppl do it ) i just behind the back > hesi > greeeeeeen. This combo create enought space to get a base 11 open if the guys is offballing

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Ralph or Big Z

Edit: nvm. I see Shaq is above 300 again

I haven’t checked unlimited broys price since packs expired but he was less than 200k and he’s a TTO god.

Also moments superpacks have dropped some prices so I’d check out PG with the black jersey and grab Amy Porzingus

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What would be a good price for the black jersey PG13?

Magic - HOF Dimer and Post Mismatch for PG’s
New PG13 - Keeps magic at PG and all around great card
Amy Porzingis - Pick n pops, shot blocking

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