Bug domination

I earn 33 stars in both golden age and modern age of domination and didnt ger the coach card.
Try to talk with the 2k support but seems the site its down.
Anyome else with the same trouble?

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I havent gotten any of the 33 star rewards either

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I read somewhere that if you unlock all of the divisions before you get 33 stars it still works. Hopefully 2K can patch this and send the coach to people’s queue

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I submitted a support ticket for this 10 days ago. They asked for a lot of information and never got back to me with anything other than a reply saying they will contact me. Now yesterday they sent me an email saying my ticket will be closed in 24 hours since I havent replied to their response in 6 days. Again their only response 6 days ago was telling me to wait for a response.

On top of that I cant reply since their site is down.

FYI their site was hacked recently and the hackers sent emails to people with links to viruses.

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They sent me an email with a laucher, my antivirus say it was a malware, i reply and them the site went down

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2k support reply and give me the lenny wilkens coach today


I send email but still not get reply, so they give back lenny wilkens to you how many days?

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They reply the next day, and took a week to give the card

Just about 3 weeks of the ticket creation and I got this reply.

I definitely don’t understand why they are having such a hard time just sending the missing card to people when everyone knows they can and that its a common issue.