Budget Bench Big for MTU

I finally started upgrading my amethyst TDIH bench squad last night and need a placeholder big who can hold down the fort until a future upgrade moves Porzingis to this slot.

What are some cards from 50k-100k that will play nice with:
PG - Diamond Lillard (25k)
SG - “Blue” PG13 (60k)
SF - PD Erving (0mt)
PF - Amy Hedo (40k)
C - Ball Drop Big Ben (this card needs to go)

Di Marc Gasol


I really like Amy cousins

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emerald zhou Qi is a beast.

If you buying wait till tomorrow’s crash. Maybe some new options tho.

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I’ve been using amy KAJ forever, he’s still effective. Large player model, quick enough, good rebounder and the sky hook is unstoppable once your learn the timing

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I’d really like a Diamond Cousins with sharp/post takeovers.

While waiting for that I’m now wondering if the play isn’t to use tomorrow’s crash to upgrade my center to Limited KAJ (a limited went for only 132k yesterday?!)

Upgrade starting center to Limited KAJ. Move PD Shaq to the bench mob.

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Ewing is pretty nice. You can probably get him with a 3pt shoe for under 100k.

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Diamond Dwight would work if your C doesn’t require a jump shot. His defense is excellent even when a switch on a guard occurs

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danny manning