Budget Beasts Series?

Thinking about making a Budget Beasts series with cheap cards in 2K.

Lemme know some players I should use: :point_down:t5:


pd justise winslow

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how cheap you talking about?

Iโ€™d do it next year when the game isnโ€™t at the end game, and people are looking for cards that can help them keep up with ppl who are whales.


PD Walt Frazier



Iโ€™d revise the term budget to mean any card between say, 25k and 50k since itโ€™s June.

pd joe caldwell, pd jeff green, pd eddie curry, pd dino radja

i knew there had to be one of these today

Winslow or Penny? I feel like Winslow is like Unseld-lite.

Save these for your mother

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winslow every day of the week. if u need more depth, look at the review post i made of his. heโ€™s fantastic