Budget beasts lineups


currently sitting at 1.4m mt waiting for the next market crash, in the meantime trying to have fun with the cards that I actually never use. Advise on upgrading without increasing budget?

Conley for billups


Jay Williams nice

Swap bagley and boban

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Manute is best budget center

I’d like to try Conley but I have diamond contract and shoes for billups

What is “aids” for 50k mt?

yah might want to swap billups too

to who? bagley for the speed and boban for the inside defence is a monster

its enjoying to play with

I bet, it’s just a lineup I don’t want to look at every 30 minutes :joy:. Im sure it fairs well in mtu

Swap. Them. Out. For. Each. Other.

hows boban match up against tacko and bol bol? is he able to defend at all?

I haven’t tried yet, will update

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him or boban which one is better?

Haven’t played with boban, but Bols shot is green

Manute shoots from the logo and has one of the best stepback animations

This is definitely close the lineup of choice for 14 year old cheezers in MTU. Maybe throw in Maker and Bagley, or PD RWB. I’m way too much of a 2k elitist for this Type of lineup! :joy:

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I don’t know everything looks good except your starting 3,4 and 5

what’s wrong with 3,4and5 any suggestions?