Budget Backcourt?

looking to go from
95 Westbrook 96 Harden
96 Booker 89 klay

To (all time domination money)

96 dipo (97 Donovan or 96 booker)
97 DeRozan (94 dr j or 96 booker)

What should I do? Am I missing anyone?

Amethyst Baron Davis is a baller, no idea what his price is these days though.

the only cards getting my ruby Klay out of my rotation is diamond klay or diamond Kawhi. His release animation makes his in game 3 a 99 ovr. I have a 3pt shoe on my diamond jordan giving him 99 three and klay has a better shooting %. Plus Ruby Klay is gonna do more on D than booker

I love oladipo and starks so much as budget guys. Both have elite defence and nice release and 3 pt plays.

Oladipo can be found under 50k during crash. And starks is so cheap now.