BUCKS - CELTICS game thread

Kyrie cooking with dribble moves and Milwauke just play 5 out iso

No one watching?

That was one of the dumbest fouls in history of basketball.

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I need the Bucks to win.

Hoping for a close game, the first two were blowouts.

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Being a Wizards fan, my season ended months ago. Now I just wanna see tight competitive playoff hoops

Kyrie really improved his passing vision/skills

Bucks trust in that 5 out so much. I cant see them in finals with only this tactic

Pat Connaghton balling the fuck out

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Bucks pulled even really quickly.

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Just can’t leave MIL open lol.

Yo does Kyrie have the clowns on? :flushed:

Celtics in four!

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Series tied 1-1

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Bucks are close with Brown and Morris shooting the lights out… Celtics should be nervous

Baynes about to dunk it so hard over Giannis that he destroys the time-space continuum


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Baynes has been on a couple Giannis posters he does not have what it takes to posterize Bledsoe let alone Giannis…


1.65 halftime betting odds for Celtics seem pretty good no ?

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