Bryant Reeves is a glitch

For some reason this card is GOATED, his big frame makes it so hard for defenders to contest him while he’s also a rebound machine. Ever since picking him up Historic dom has been a breeze


hmm interesting. I was looking at that card last night but picked michael ray richardson. may look into that card again… im one token away from my next ruby but i need a PF

Yeah big guys are the cheese. Ive started muresan all through all time. He even feels fast to me now because they still cover more ground being tall.


His big wingspan also makes him an insane rim protector. If you need someone to carry you in dom he’s your guy

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Might try and run Muresan for all time dom


ive got him and he seems great. although a little on the slow side due to size lol

If you need a power forward tho i suggest Rahim from the Hawks he’s really great at finishing around the rim


thats who i was thinking. debating on him or chambers since he looks good too

I will take Antoine Walker as my first pf. He always has one of the best releases in the game.


Walker has been money from 3 for me… and surprisingly snags a decent amount of rebounds.

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Walker is also solid defensively down low surprisingly. Love that card so far

I went with Hibbert over country for the bigger body and have so far enjoyed that decision. He blocks 3 shots a game and is a good finisher when at the basket. I have 3 left to pick from ruby, might give country a shot

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Skiles + JaVale is cheese

And no one can guard Barbosa. Easy Historic dom players


Big Country is a beast and he has Deep Fades.

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I was starring at him last night, have 5/12 ruby rewards so far locking a couple cheap sets and doing some dom.

He looks nasty, but I wasn’t sure if he’d dominate at 7’0" the same way Mureasan does at 7’7". Went with Rahim at PF for my 5th.

Anyone have an opition on Reeves vs ruby KAT vs Sapph AD (promo)

That pre-order AD is a pretty good center. Can shoot 3s a bit and has great defense. But not super imposing posting up.

If you run 5 out KAT is the best big in the game right now. Embiid is the best all around Center but Reeves does everything Embiid does and doesn’t cost MT. AD is good but he has like one more week of being even somewhat viable as a 5 option.

Yeah I have my offensive and defense lineups right now, just trying to figure out how I like playing.

KAT/Raef are the centers on my offensive team. Muresean/AD are the centers on my defensive one.

AD/KAT have great center speed, which feels hard to pass up. But part of me knows I’m being dumb, since speed is balanced weird right now, and giant centers feel faster than they should. Hence, me looking for a 2nd muresean.

Was looking at Hibbert/Reeves last night, but didn’t pull the trigger.

Can Barbosa guard anyone else though lol?

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Reeves is just as good as AD in defense. He makes up for the lack of speed by grabbing every board humanly possible. He also has bronze Dimer which is just a huge plus

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Yeah his badging looked crazy good. But lambier was interesting too.

Ruby rewards are tough this year.

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Idk why people think they’re bad. They’re so much better than last year’s. Ray Ray is a glitch. Tom Chambers has garnered the nick name Lane Bitch because if he’s in the lane he will make you his bitch.

Every card is built to solidify someone’s playstyle. A great varied offensive and defensive option at all 5 positions.

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