Bruh this Boris Diaw is elite

If anyone can slap the kobes that increase speed and speed with ball on him I will buy him. This dude is elite. I just dropped off 3 god squads with him.

Cash shot?

Yes bruh and he has dribble moves. If you are a dribble guy like me Boris is next level. He also can dunk. Bruh he’s elite. Try him out.

Give him a diamond shoe and he gets over 4000 attributes. Only ruby Kuzma has more. Definitely a hidden diamond. Has more total attributes than like 50 other diamond cards.

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on my way!

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He was a sleeper last year too

Well we putting in request I need a Dr J with a diamond 3shoe preferably one with speed with ball or ball control too


Real shit who got this shoe

Boris over Ruby Draymond/KP?



No question. KP is a solid ruby but Diaw is definitely the best Ruby in the game. This is based off the card’s attributes but I’m pretty sure he plays higher than ruby level.

Just threw a defesive jordan shoe on him. He was my nightmare in k17.


What Boris Diaw are y’all talking about?

The new ruby. Also the new starting 4 on my God Squad

Why isn’t the card on 2kmtcentral as a new card?

I locked his sapphire for jr and used him to counter Ruby lebron. I’m sure his ruby is OP

Can’t believe he has 21 gold badges and 3 HOF lmao

What shoe should i throw on him?

The Kobe’s bruh

The speed and moving shot joints