Brown-chiefs game

Can we talk about that helmet to helmet just now?


Yea that was bullshit. That just lost them the game

Well it’s only the second quarter lol but yeah that was blatant.

I know what you mean but 3-19 is rough to come back from.

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I feel bad for the Browns, they had a chance to make it a one possession game and they can’t get that call. They haven’t been in the playoffs for soooo many years they run into the defending champions and they just couldn’t get the TD

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Now it’s a wrap. Damn

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Them fumbling for the touchback is gonna haunt them bad.

I don’t think they were going to win anyway, but that hurt.

It looks like Mahomes has a concussion, but he didn’t get hit in the head so I don’t know

As a Browns fan win or lose I can’t be happier with this team. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been excited to watch every game. Hopefully we can keep this up in the future!

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This is actually happening.

Browns are fo real

KC in trouble

No Mahomes, no party… interesting 4th quarter indeed.

Of course 76ers-Thunder is canceled

What happened to mahomes


It was weird though his head didn’t get hit or anything.

Backup slagging that mfer

Nice job!

Now WHY the fuck would they run that play lmao