Bronze-Silver injury card discard

Silvers 50, bronzes 75mt. Lol 2k.

I wish they would let you sell the entire stack once you hit 20. It’s such a time suck

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That doesn’t exist this year? Didn’t know that, never reached 20 this year.

No it only lets you send entire stack to auction but who is going to buy them? Maybe someone would pay 1k and take the time to sell all 20 for profit?

U can discard 20 at once in AH, that’s the thing :slight_smile: same as last year then.

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Oh man nice you can sell the entire stack of 20 from my auctions. Just not from the collection.

I feel like I’ve been getting more injury cards than badges recently from Triple Threat. Also not seeing league packs and heat packs at all lately. Maybe 2k nerfing the rewards

I never used an injury card in my entire 2k life

First time I ever used one was the first game i used Finley. Head injury in the 2nd quarter lol

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Damn lol

I haven’t needed an injury card ever. The one injury I’ve ever seen was when I deliberately injured a reward card the year you could glitch them into the auction house.

Only needed one injury card for over 200 online and offline games this year. I’ve got at least 100 cards though :confused:

I have NEVER used an injury card, literally has never happened to me in the 4 2k myteams I have played

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Last time an injury happened to me was 2K18

Had Ruby Giannis, he was going up for a layup in traffic, his animation switched up and it looked like he got shot midair lmfao


Just had my second injury this year in unlimited. First one was Bryant Reeves leg injury first day game came out which I had to heal with an injury card. Today it was Curry hurting his arm, but the other person rage quit and the injury didn’t carry over post game. Good thing because I quick sold all my injury cards already

Shot IQ is the same ? Check that out, 2k u know :joy:

I used 1 for gold Melo last year in the 1st week, never needed 1 since.

I played a guy who had curry experience an arm injury which he didn’t return from. I had a leg injury in 2k18, but none this year.

Ive been injured once with marc gasol in 18. It was The game before reaching pd lol luckily still won.

I’d love to learn how to injure players lmfao. Injure any finley i see