Broke af rn

after losing mt using this amazing silver filter I have been out looking for better filters that aren’t too risky. I want to upgrade my bench because it isn’t good enough to maintain a lead.
Here is my bench:
1.95 Hamidou
2.94 Brandon Roy
3.90 giannias
4.92 kristaps
5.91 yi

Buy mt?


Are you mt broke or broke in general

really broke in 2k19, but im not spending a penny on this game

Ah ok

How did you lose MT using sniping filter?

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Look into someone like no Pete amy jimmy or ruby josh Richardson

That is the funny part, I have no idea

Nike shoe filters, diamonds 20k or whateva, heat checks and etc, filters aint hard to come by.

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Thanks a lot, heard you are a really good sniper…

You cant really lose on silvers you just need to wait a little.for them to recover im sitting on 70 silvers myself good days 15 sell a day

Silvers are officially crashed


They aren’t going back up


Just wait lol

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What is that symbol next to your name?

Scroll over, self explained.

I scrolled over it. It didn’t tell me what it is either. I’m on an iPhone. Looks like a shooting target.

Sniper badge.

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Nice… Didn’t even know they had that one. :fire: