Bring back the day 1 2K22 please!

Bring back day 1 2K22 please!!! On day 1 this game felt nearly perfect as a basketball simulation video game. The only terrible thing was layups were nearly impossible to make. The only patch/ update/hotfix they should have done was boosting the layup slider and focusing on the 70% loading glitch. Now we are back to playing 2K21 with E Z blowbys and glue your opponent to a high pick and roll screen CHEESE. What a fucking shame.



I agree, the game was not what it used to be. I’m so glad I didn’t spend money on nba 2k22 since I use my friend’s account to play it.

I feel like with 2k you have to have a backup game you truly enjoy playing to get the disgusting taste 2k leaves in your mouth

Yup, this BS game is NOT what it was out of the box.

And to all you clowns that spam full court press & high PnR every possession…and I still beat you w/o needing that CPU breaking crap, absolute shame on you.