Brick wall

Can’t seem to beat the hawks and Pacers in board 7 offline triple threat. I seen the videos of the high screen moving threes. Any of these early cards have gold or hof brick wall?

Mark Eaton sets good screens. And lol wait till you have to play PD Steph, PD kd, and Amy Klay. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of.


Haha must be nice

They actually arent that bad u can get lebron and two mobile bigs, like jefferies and giannis, have lebron on curry, post him all game

the nets with vince kidd and dr j gave me fits. i try to offball the big usually

Dawg, i swear on everything my triple threat record vs the all time Lakers who has 99 magic, 97 shaq and 97 kobe is like 2-40, they are by far the hardest team for me to beat

Lamo that’s crazy man I’m struggling to beat bucks hakeem, big o and ray Allen

Post up ray allen, find their weakness

Is it just 3 tokens from board 7 on?

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I had the biggest problem with Bulls until now - GO Jordan, PD Pippen, D Rodman. Unbelievable defense.