Breaking Bad movie

Here’s to hoping they don’t ruin one of the best T.V series ever.


Better have a Walter White cameo

I dont see how they can do a movie after how it ended so perfectly.

Im all in though

I’ll be killed but BB does not belong to one of the best list lol.
Show was really fine though. Will see the film for sure.


It’s not necessarily my favourite tv series, but I’m goddamn HYPED for the movie. Especially because it comes out in less than 2 months

Agree 100%. Most overrated prestige drama ever. It got wrapped up in a neat, predictable bow, which is apparently the only thing people want.

yall cappin the last 2 seasons are legendary. interested what the movies plot will be considering all the baddies were dealt with.


issa w

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I’m not really hearing a list that doesn’t have Breaking Bad in Top 5, but everyone’s got their own taste.