Breaking: Antonio Brown is a Patriot

Breaking: Antonio Brown is a Patriot

15mil for 1 year. Patriots got a steal with this one and pretty much locked up the AFC East again… That division is a joke i swear.

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It’s not like we didn’t already have the division locked up well before this lol


Division? The Superbowl is locked up barring injury.


Also when they lose him to free agency next year they will get a 3rd round compensation pick lmao

Patriots are masterminds


Yoooo AB is a fool. Love this dude. Sorry not sorry. Pats playing chess.

True the pats have had that division on lock since 2001. Hell y’all beat my Rams in 2 superbowls… The first one still hurts more than this past one. Patriots are gonna sweep the east lol

It was def all planned

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cusiness is coomin

those comp picks help build teams

watch Gronk boutta come out of retirement

He’s no better than Durant or Cousins. Sellout for a cakewalk to the championship & contribute to the evil empire.

I thought Kawhi set the example by not joining Lebron & making his own cross town rivalry instead. Guess not.

Does he have a time limit as far as when he has to come back? If not I’d chill and play when it matters. Pats have that division locked

Nope he can come out of retirement before playoff time lol

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That’s what I thought. I get it if he’s just itching to get back on the field, but considering his injury history, I’d wait at least until late season that way I can be 100% and have time to get acclimated to game speed before the playoffs

And hes released lmao


Lol I just saw that, where to now?

i hate how they dont even give him a chance to be innocent man

lost his nike contract and got cut , what if hes innocent