Brandon Roy release?

how do ya’ll feel about his release? its so hard for me to time cause ive been used to Harden and Paul George release lmao. I just picked up both Arenas and Roy so ive been getting hella late releases.

I like it just gotta adjust

I have diamond Roy… My favorite release in the game.

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Way too quick for me. Seems like if it isn’t green, it doesn’t go in for me.

Because of BRoy ive started to watch my players feet during jumpers and it’s really helped with my shot timing across the board

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trying this when I hop on, I feel like looking at the meter isnt the best way to use BRoy

Love it. Probably my favorite in the game besides Mitch.

I packed his unlimited last night. My first response was that his release sucked - too quick and a bit quirky. After using him for a few games and triple threat, I really like his release and animations. Basically, give BRoy a few games and maybe his jumper won’t be so rough. Good luck!

I second this also my favorite release so consistent shooting wise for me

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Watch his feet and your timing will be so much better

he’s the triple threat god


Went with Ray and haven’t looked back.

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Hella jealous of that limited. I have the regular pink diamond and he’s ridiculous. The limited tho mmmmmmm!


Ray is my second fav, although I haven’t used that many of the later game and higher level players. Allen’s badges make him so fun, and pairing him with Magic was my backcourt for a while. I still love Ray Ray tho!

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I have the Limited Roy and his dribble moves and driving is amazing. Just need to work on that release tho. That thing is literally a tap on the square button. Ive been been so used to Harden’s slow ass release.

I know, it’s like if you wait for him to jump, it’s late and he bricks.

Bro Thank you, i just went 7/7 from three in triple threat after just watching his leg motion.

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yea i feel like early and perfect is the way to go on this card. Just went 7/7 without one late release. This HOF limitless is actually nuts.

I went from pg to arenas to Roy

The adjustment from pg to arenas was hard but I got it down.

So going from arenas to Roy was cake