Brandon Roy build?

I’ve got all of my most viable and most usable builds set up and badges grinded by this point.

It’s time to model a build after my favourite player, so my question is this: which build most suits Brandon Roy’s game? He was so well rounded it’s hard to pin him to an archetype. I’ve narrowed it down to the below options all as a 6’6 SG. Other suggestions welcome but I think he’s in here somewhere:

Primary Shot secondary Post
Pure shot
Primary shot secondary play
Primary shot secondary sharp


Pure shot nerfed

Yeah but I’m not looking for the best build, I’m looking for the most Roy build, haha

I think pure shot creators tend to be the best build to mimic great all around star players like Roy.

Edit: I actually shoot better from 3 in park with my pure 6’6” SG SC than I do with my pure stretch PF.

I built a kobe build that is a shot primary post secondary and it is very good, basically no weaknesses.

+1 for pure shot. He probably doesn’t need playmaking badges to get to 5-6 APG

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Primary shot secondary play, Primary shot secondary sharp both play nearly the same in this game but Shot Sharp had Roy like badges

Thanks y’all. Leaning towards pure for the most all round build even though I feel sharp shot maybe more all rounded in this game but I’m thinking maybe too similar to my main build which is a 93 shot sharp. Although the attributes across the board get a big bump compared to my sharp primary…

Gosh it’s a tough choice. Post shot probably most unique and different build to my normal but will lack shooting so won’t be able to use it as much with my mates as that’s my role, off ball movement and shooting. Maybe I do need to just flip my build and go sharp shot…

Use and to help with your decision

What do you normally do for wingspan? Because my 6 ft 6 post shot with low wingspan has around an 80 3 pt cap…

Oh don’t worry, I’ve been looking at those stats all day. I’m away on vacation so just got too much time to over think the build choice, haha

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Depends on the build and what I can get with each click. My shot sharp is 2 or 3 clicks shorter than default and has a maxed out 3 of 86 which is perfect for base 49 pure green break point.

Issue is that unless the build has sharp in it you’re not going to hit that rating of 80 for a looooong time. More likely to stay in the low to mid 70’s unless you grind well into the 90’s

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