Brandon Ingram Thread

One of my favorite young players in the league just wanna keep tabs on him throughout the season


Happy for him. MIP award coming soon. Book it

yes sirrr

next up

As A Laker fan I’m happy for him. But sad that we let him go :frowning:


I picked him up after the last 2 games for my fantasy team. Hopefully he keeps it up.

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I’ve said it since day 1



Grown Man BI been a beast.

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Brandon Ingram is playing out his mind for us, but I hope he doesn’t finesse us and pull a Wiggins after getting that max contract in the offseason, he’s been playing out his mind and once Zion returns they’re gonna be a serious 1-2 punch.

Lonzo and Hart have been playing well too, both have been playing amazing defense. Lonzo 3pt has improved, once NAW gets it together, Zion returns healthy, and Hayes is slotted into the rotation this young team could make a run for the playoffs in a year or two

Getting away from a terrible coaching staff and unrealistic expectations doing wonders for him.
But there’s still a lot of things NOLA has to work on. They’ll improve with time, though.

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Big Bag BI


Still early but it’s fun to see luka ingram trae and tatum taking big steps this yr

Siakam Brogdon and Saboner Too :rofl:


On Another Note. Kuzma needs to step up, man not keeping ingram seems to be a bad choice.

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Forgot about those 3 just cuz they weren’t hyped. Could be the year of new stars lol

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you are right everyone stepping up this season.
Like rookies too!! Fun Year for Sure!
Year of the Duos making it unpredictable.

Why did LAL keep Kuz over Ingram again? Was it the contract?


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Kuzma’s Contract 1.974M
Ingram’s Contract 7.265M

Maybe because of the Contract too.

I would’ve paid BI & kept him.

Maybe the FO felt that BI’s skills would’ve been underutilized with Bron being the primary ballhandler or something idk.

Hope my mans Kuz can tap into that other gear, however.

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Yeah you are right.
Third Option BI in the Lakers
Compared to First Option/Second in the Pelicans

Hope Kuzma Steps Up too.

15ppg off the Bench would be of Great Help.

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