Brandon Ingram is an offensive power house and most fun card in Myteam

This card is absolutely amazing. Qfs HOF is cheese…pair that with difficult shot HOF and probably the smoothest release in the game…most fun card iv had this year and I pretty much had them all…lebron…harden…etc…my zion with HoF deep threes was a lot of fun too but his release was ass…

This ingram is the closest card (outside of curry) that let’s you play as a park player in myteam so far…decent sigs for my team…long wingspan and hof quick first step allows for some really glitchy combos…pair that with HOF difficult shots and it’s a blast…

I would pay a lot of money for this card with HoF deep threes if anyone has one. We can talk.


You gotta spice that title up a little more than that fam…there’s rules to this thread title shit lol.

But big co-sign…that card is absolutely incredible. One of my favorite cards without question.


Ingrams my favourite player

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I was sad to sell him back tonight, in the few games I got his XP done I was like, “damn… this card smooth as hell”

Think I’ma buy back after Blake

Wow shit…realized I havent gotten that HoF badge from exchange yet and season is almost over…guess what it ended up being?..deep threes…lol

Do I yolo and just put it on him??? Say yes!

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Nooooo…as tempting as it is, if you put that on a card like Zion and sell him before qualifiers you’ll walk away with at least 500k bro. I guess it’s a matter of do you want the MT or do you want to keep that Ingram for a long time? because as nice as Ingram is…he won’t sell for that much even with that badge. Also, i don’t think Ingrams range can be updated. His range badge is locked.

Congrats on that pull though!!

I actually have Zion up on PS5 with HOF deep threes…ends in 12 hours if anyone is interested.

Yea you are right I’m gonna wait…this Ingram is a preview of what future KD will be like …so tempting though…I didnt realize it cant be upgraded to HOF deep threes though. I appreciate the input. My team is finally starting to get really fun as there new cards are coming out with better badges and sigs.

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How is his D?
Assuming his long arms help a lot.

Yeah man, that’s a very valuable badge to have. If i can give any advice, I’d wait fir the next glitch drop and throw it on that player and sell. Whenever a glitch card drops they always are broken and people pay crazy amounts early for ones with HOF range, QFS, Clamps and flexible. That’s of course if you don’t plan on using it for yourself.

Appreciate the tip…I mostly use cards myself while they are overpowered even if I lose money. Soon deep threes will be common and wont be as special so I try to enjoy cards while they are OP.

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His release is super super good, having so much fun using my fav player

Picked one up for 39k on PS4 last night after seeing this post and yea this card is so fun on the spotlight challenge grind to get rafer. He makes games go so fast as his release off the dribble from 3 is cash.

My fav player irl in the Nba, Im also looking for a nicely badged up Ingram on xb1.:wink:

How is he on next gen