Bradley Beal rumored in trade to GSW

The want to use their pick and some assets to rebuild and dethrone Lakers. Curry Klay Beal Dray looking good.

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If this happens:

I’m saying goodbye to watching basketball

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Yikes. That is all lol

It’s a rumor with skip and Shannon and other light sources could be bullshet. But it’s looking likely GSW would trade their pick.

Ngl I would love to see John wall and Beal together tho



Ohh okay

Who will gsw give up?

Prob first round pick and Wiggins and maybe something else

What about the big they need?

Lmaooooo Steph, Beal, Klay, and Dray… damn…

That’s fire. Didn’t even think about Beal tbh.

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They don’t need a big. Just ask the Clippers

They gonna get some cheap big to makes screens and occasionally dunk

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Yeah and the Warriors would destroy every team :joy:

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Stop capping

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Lbj is the goat. Idk about that one.

That team destroys the league. Plain and simple. Who do you guard? Somebody’s hitting the open shot every play lol…

Idk Beal, Steph, Klay, and Dray LOL that’s a nightmare for the whole league

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