Bracket Busters

Finally something to do in MyTeam!! (Already finished level 40)

I sort of like the concept where each day there is an agenda and we then have to choose between 2 players. Hope they have a few days with just Ruby players and we really need an upgrade in that group.


Reward is Opal Rice. Should be a DM imo. Qt that point opals will be 10k

Definitely get Kaminsky with option pack. He has one of the best shots of any 7 footer. Offline it is a really fun card. Have not tried it online yet.


I had to go with Kaminsky being a UW Badger alum myself.

I’m wondering how this lock in for Kareem is going to work. They’re saying he’s a lock in for “inserts” that will be in packs over the 3 week event. I have a feeling these inserts will be unauctionable too. What are people going to do if people pull dupes of the same inserts? Seems really scammy if that’s how they’re going to try to force people to pull packs now. What else, VC only packs as well?

these inserts likely will be harder to pull then the regular cards tbh

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Kareem is good but doesn’t look game breaking. Plus he’s a lock in so you have to throw all your own badges on him. I’m going to look for a badged out D Rob by the end of the season and be good.


all you need to know about 2k and Kareem:

HTB spends 750k vc to get only 2 Fox’es… from about 100-120packs


There is definitely something wrong with those running 2K now. The only smart way to get Kareem is through buying MT. Even with that, he will only be good for a few weeks at most. Between the Galactic events and the new takeovers, it is easy to have a really great set of Diamonds. If any, there are too many diamonds. However, none of the limited events seem to focus on this tier. Getting Herro was too easy and they are still giving easy XP out, but seem to have given up on any beyond 40 targets.
Worse news I got is that my son says he still wants 2K24 although he never plays 2K23 anymore. I am trying to convince him otherwise as I really want this game to end. I am still addicted to finishing every new challenge so he has every player he may want, but at this point I do not know why I keep doing it.


[Bracket Busters Takeover Rewards]

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Basically a new domination. 30 5 minute quarter games, completing it gets opal Pete Maravich.

Nice for collector level. No points to win by requirements so should be doable with afk.

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although not a DM still an opal and its my all time favorite player.
Is it just for this season?

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good luck with this one… problem is - it’s all star against good teams (d, pd and opal players).
definitely going to be huge waste of time

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Agreed and 40k Payton is probably already better

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In general the idea of having Domination games being only 1 5-minute quarter is actually one of the few good ideas that 2K had this year. Even getting a very reasonable Diamond player (several actually look very usable) is not bad. The only place they really screwed up was the final prize of an Opal that really does not excite 99.9% of the 2K population considering what is already available both in the market as well as prior top prizes. They really should look back at what made everyone really happy (e.g., Crazy good DM Fall from 2 years ago), even if that means one less good card to put in a pack.

Well - it’s 4q/5minutes - so it’s 30minutes per game - giving about 18h to finish…
It should be just ‘do xyz to win’ - not ‘win game’… or make it 2-3min quarter.

I just logged on and realized that. There is no way I can see ever doing this and anyone who does needs to take a good long hard look at themselves and ask the question if they could be doing something more with their lives.

Edit: However, it would be a very good idea for 2K to consider having Domination games that do not last as long as the current ones do. This is especially true if the prizes are not really very good.


I’m gonna do those challenge, but in my defense I gotta say that 1 game takes less than 3 minutes on PC

The starting lineups are solid and I’m sure Duke and Kentucky will be impossible to afk. But a lot of these teams have golds and emeralds coming off the bench. You can play the first quarter and set the controller down essentially. I’m 8 games in today, mainly just knocking it out because I’m 30 cards away from Moses.

Also, I’ll have NCAA tournament games to watch during the grind so I’ll be good.

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I’m 36 away from Garvin :wink:


Nice work. I’m getting those series 2 golds slowly, they’re still expensive on PS and they’ll be in packs for a while so trying to not waste too much mt on them.