Boxes 10 or 21

Haven’t opend a box in ages been on singles and pack lucks been shit what boxes are better for throwbacks 10s or 21s

10s are always the best fo mi

Don’t think it matters much about pack luck but I think the topper card is a ripoff for the price

The best ive gotten from a single was ruby LeBron when he was worth 100K,10s are 98KD and 98 T-Mac,20s were Wilt

Singles and 10 been dead for me thinking
Of 21

No man those toppers are a ripoff like PTV said,best ive gotten with those shitty toppers is still a ruby

In the past ive got diamond toppers jus recently i aint opend much packs

I haven’t sniffed a diamond topper since 2k17

Only diamond topper I ever got was Havlicek from the clutch closers packs… the rest have all been rubies.

If you have the topper luck then you should do the 21s

I got moments lebron topper wen he came out ive seen ppl get pd toppers

Its your choice man but thats 20K for 1 pack(90% Rubies) rather than opening another 4 packs

There is a pretty complex dynamic algorithm that determines pack luck.

Opend 2 10s first box dale ellis di marc gasol manu and tom chambers 2nd got di klay not bad