Bought 450,000 VC in 2k18

I never played 2k18 Myteam and I was just curious as to was Myteam still playable and if you could still get packs of cards and was anything available in auction house. So there are Moments packs and Playoff moments packs available in Myteam still. So far I have only bought one 20 pack box of moments cards and 1 pack of playoff moments. I pulled some emeralds and sapphires in the moments box, my best pull was an amethyst Coach Steve Kerr, I actually pulled like 2 or 3 amethyst coaches. In the 1 playoff moments pack I pulled so far, I got an amethyst Clay Thompson, I was pretty happy about that.

You just threw some money away :joy:


Dawg why would you…nvm man

Could’ve gave the money to me or donate it for a something that’s more important

Press F to pay reapects


Um is that a flex or what? I don’t get it :joy:


Issa L

Pull a Diamond Rondo you can get rich

A couple of months ago I logged in and used My remaining 150k MT on the duo packs and got perfect Jordan and a bunch of nice PDs. I auctioned them for 500mt since is don’t play anymore but the duo packs would be cheap and good returns. How much was the vc?

Only 450k… that’s light, go cop two more 450kvc and open some packs and report back to us :blush:


My plan is to open 1 pack a day and play like 1 challenge and 1 domination game a day. Lol

It was the curisoity factor that got me. I just had to know what 2k19 would look like 6 months from now. Plus now you can get a diamond steph curry for like 30K. Lol

You should never go to Vegas.


I wouldve sold you like 500k-1mil MT for the amount of VC you just bought

Damn, with that post i went from feeling sorry for you to instantly feeling sorry for myself.

Mans said ‘I was pretty happy about that’ for an Amathyst Klay Thompson. :thinking:

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Why didn’t you just buy 2k19?

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Omg :open_mouth: you just messed up. That game is way too old and is easily the worst 2k ever. See if you can refund it. Call Microsoft now.

Lmao you’re DIFFERENT

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