Both in their prime NO INJURIES at the peak of their game who you taking?

Both in their prime NO INJURIES at the peak of their game who you taking?

Prime Rose or Prime CP3 who you taking?

I’m kinda split but leaning towards d rose

Prime Cp3 for leadership and defense

Cp3 definitely



Cp3 fits into a contender better.

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It depends on what the team looks like.

CP3 is really underrated, he’s the best PG of his era.


Rose is only better at Isolation scoring and on the fast break.

Rose had potential to be the greatest Point Guard of all time in his prime. CP3 hasn’t proved anything to me personally.

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This is very true and in his prime he held down best pg for a while

Isn’t it funny Deron Williams was his comp in those years lol

I think CP3 gets a bad rap for his personality but no one can deny dude is a straight up killer one of the smartest players


Sure if you consider curry to not be a part of his era

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He’s talking about in his prime bro

Curry wasn’t here when Cp3 was on hornets and beginning of the clippers run

Cp3 was still allnba in 15 and 16.

Curry is basically a SG, he’s not setting up other people to score like CP3 and his defense sucks.


When I think of prime cp3 I think of back when he was battling with deron on the jazz bro

That was still part of his prime, the end of it, but still his prime.

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Does he need double digit assist #s to be a pg

CP3. It’s crazy how people forget how amazing he was on both ends of the floor. He’s still a top 15-20 player at his age right now. Both ends too.

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I never understood the CP3 hype. Seems like a good not great 1. Every team he’s on doesn’t get close to winning come playoff time. I’d love to hear a convincing argument

rose easily. More explosive than russ