Bosh still worth?

Bosh still worth?

Is Bosh still worth the price?

Any takes on Bosh holders?

It’s Bosh. I want to try him. Is it a good time? For around 100-110k

Bosh has a cheesy shot


I wanna grab him since I got Dion

I’ll be making a A1 Heat theme this year

It’s only fitting

Dions a problem

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I have all the cards in the game (i am on the PC) and i have to say that Bosh is my starting PF.
His release is super fast and in my opinion is the best release in the game! He doesnt miss!
He is a good defender fast good rebounding good dunker. He is the best PF option by far.
He is the reason PD Giannis comes from the bench.


No doubt. Need to get him to diamond. And actually willing to. He’s a beast all around w the animations

Still my starting pf

Bosh is phenomenal at pf but at center he is soft as baby shit and will get bullied by real centers

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He’s worth it until GO Bosh comes out


He’s still my starting center I kept him over porzingis

I’ll cop when I have a chance. Ty!

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Nah ill pass

Still my fav release of any big man. Drob and KP have taken his C spots for me. And I don’t like him at PF, cause giannis blows by him.

But he’s a great shooting big with good interior def.