Booker challenges

Kind of a stupid question, but do you HAVE to run the PD version reward to complete this? Won’t let me complete past challenge 5 or 6 with the Ruby as it’s saying it doesn’t meet the requirements

Yea you need the level 40 PD Booker for the final 3 challenges.

While the topic is open and near the top.

Anyone know the challenges and requirements?

Last season the Scottie ones were not too bad (triple double annoying).

how do you beat the last challenge 8 3’s and 60%

Just gotta make those 3s my man try running some plays

I was a little stressed going into it, hit my first 3 threes, and then missed a few. I managed to hit the rest and was a touch under 60% when I finished those. Just ran plays for Booker to get open for dunks and lay-ups after that to get him above 60% total. Has to be 60% FG percentage, not from 3. Think he ended up with around 40 points and went something like 17 from 26 or something like that. Just use big wide centers and PF to set good screens than pop threes from behind them.


Thanks for the tips

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Punch 21 delay is the play for SG threes.


Quick point 2, magic playbook. Use Booker at SF. If you aren’t confident with your shooting timing, just player lock your PG (preferably if he have HoF dimer). Run play, command CPU to shoot when he’s free.


Miami 13 PB - Punch 5 flare rip, assign to pg with dimer.