Bobby Jones amy(ps4)

Someone please post. Need it to get Paul George! Will pay 50,000 rn!

But bobby jones goes for 200+k,why would anyone put him on bin

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add another zero and someone might think about posting.


Didn’t know he goes for that

MIght as well sell all the players and pick up kawhi and Amy pg

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Have kawhi

Pg is the only playing I really want I got 200k if someone really wanna throw one down rn

200k won’t even come CLOSE to getting Bobby Jones.


Really. Then what is he going for

Honestly man there might not even be anymore in existence. I doubt anyone is just rocking a amethyst Bobby Jones on their team knowing his worth. I bet all of them are locked in the set. The Paul George set might not even be doable anymore.

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Pg 13 is awesome too :wink:

He still appears atleast 2-4 times a week,so just wait for him.He still goes for 260k-295k most of the time

Haven’t seen one on XB1 in over a month.

You never know. There are people who have absolutely no idea about the prices of some cards. Or someone might just have him, not even use him but just hasn’t sold him yet. Or someone who has him just quit playing the game. Before I learned how the AH works, I had all kinds of cards just sitting in my collection. I didn’t think they have any value. Until I found out that some historics go for a lot in 2k17 and I was able to make some nice profit in spring when the historics had pretty much ran out from the AH.