Bob loves the truth

If you don’t have this card go invest in him, great defensive stats, jr smiths release… too cheesy

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Better than Josh Smith?

Easily better, better three ball great defender

Shhh dont let the secret out :shushing_face:


Pierce says the feeling is not mutual. Unfortunately

bro gotta delete this post before his price increase.

People on forums pick him up the youtuvers will have videos on him tomorrow he will be up

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There’s already one on youtube though but he keeps missing the 3pointer lol :smile:

What’s he going for currently and where are you guys running him? 3 or the 4

He’s not a guy to spam them with he’s just consistent af

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I already saw youtubers saying good things about him in last few hours so it won’t rise up that much

When ppl see how this release is, and how he locks on d he will go up in price, unlike joe Harris he isn’t a liability anywhere

HOF d stopper with 85 three is no joke

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It like kawhi but with the release of JR?

Not to mention coach boosts or a shoe

He doesn’t have the dribbles of him, but he’s good

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yeah but sadly bob love can’t speed boost.

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3 and d guys don’t need that

I doubt it.

Just go get him he’s 50k

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