Boards back to normal?

Not seeing anything crazy for a while

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just gone through 10 games and nothing good

Well that’s a slap in the face.

I never knew the joy of a 75 token drop :pensive:


I got one 15, never even saw a player or 75 tokens on the boards.

ik 2k was gonna make it hard for me when i saw the tokens

1 ball, 75 tokens in the far right corner
bounces completely to the middle
claimed my 300 MT



First game today. Got a diamond pack on the board. Landed on mt right next to it lol

Damn that was fast

Just got 3 diamond packs on a 4 ball… They’re still lit lmao

Yeah… feeling like less of a W pretty fast.

Sorry, Everyone-not-on-2k’s-short-ass-West-Coast schedule!

Played about half an hour ago and there still was better stuff than usual, I think juiced boards are still there.

Boards definitely dead now

Wow that lasted a whole 3 hours. We’re all fools lol


Yep back to normal I think

It was fun while it lasted. Highlight was definitely 90 tokens on 2 balls (75 & 15).

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It must’ve been an accident

Especially the fact that they didn’t announce it on twitter. You might be on to something. Was good while it lasted.

yea boards trash just did 10 games and got nothing

got those twice. still surprised lol