Board 7- Spurs

Have run through board 7 several times, but cannot, for the life me beat the Spurs- PD Gervin, PD Duncan and Amy Kawhi.

I think I’ve lost 20 times to them. Haven’t scored more than 11 points. Kawhi has the GO Magic steal animations and Duncan doesn’t miss a shot.

I’m using Moments Lebron (first one), diamond Dwight and diamond Melo. Any suggestions?

Gervin should be the guy to attack, but in these games, I can’t back him down, he slides through every screen and Kawhi averages like 10 steals a game.

Just call for screens at the top or at the wings and shoot 3s. The CPU almost always go under the screen and you get an open 3.

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doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

Using Howard to screen, but either Duncan or Gervin slips it and it’s automatically a light contest, which never seems to go in.

I’m running PNR and PNF but doesn’t generate open looks.

I also can’t get stops. In 20 games, Duncan has maybe missed 3 shots, not exaggerating. I’m contesting with Dwight, doesn’t seem to matter.

I also can’t call for screen with the guy Kawhi is guarding. Auto steal every time.

This is the hardest CPU challenge by a significant factor. Run through fantasy dom and board 7 4 times, but I’m totally stuck on this match. Haven’t even been close

I’ve been running Lainier, heat check Klay and Rashard Lewis/Elgin. If you off ball with Lainier on Duncan it’s quite easy even if you feel dirty for doing it!

Run Mo Pete, Draymond and Melo

The bigs always go under, just use someone tall that can shoot. 3>2 easy W. :upside_down_face:

I have to off-ball every time I play them. Otherwise they are just too good. PnR and transition 3s are the only way I can beat them. I want to say it is easier to pick Kawhi than Gervin… and I had to be pretty tight on the screens I think.

I may have this wrong, but I think I used AK47 as my big matched up with Duncan and had more success picking Duncan than the other 2. Gotta hit 3s and make them count bc, as you said, they don’t miss their 2s.

For real I hate/like Board 7. I had the same thing with the warriors: KD, Klay and Steph. I took me like 2 months! The wouldn’t miss shots from ridiculous ranges. They would literally push my man when driving to the basket and pick up the loose ball make a long pass to the 3 line and nail it. It was utterly ridiculous and unfair considering the card ratings I had. Over time I pulled Magic and used him with Draymond aannnnnd KAJ Sig card I think. Used Magic to back down Steph every single time. Even then the CPU would have my guys miss “bunnies” and layups for no reason. Finally I was able to beat them for a whopping 3 Tokens. Board 7 should be a MINIMUM 5 tokens! Truthfully, Draymond was the difference maker.

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about to unlock Rashard, so maybe I’ll try him


That’s actually who I used till I got bored with TT

He is 100% red hot or 100% ice cold for me whenever I run him. He locks down Magic pretty well in fantasy dom though.

In Solo TT Idc about cheese I’m just grinding tokens so I run 3 bigs. It helps that one is Ak47, but I run him, Duncan, and typically PD Lucas and just abuse whoever the smallest guy is in the post. Any 3 bigs can accomplish this, just make sure you have one who can competently bring the ball up the court.

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