Blinders/Steady shooter Badge on every player worth it?

I am on current gen and can buy 5 of them from the token market and put on my players, is it worth it or is it better without on current gen?

If you are using 99 cards with near perfect stats + coach it doesn’t matter. It mattered at the start of the year but now all that matters is if you can time your release. I’m hitting wide open deep 3s with cards with steady. Before I could not. I would actively avoid every card with steady but now I don’t care. Also, are you taking contested shots ever? Like moving 2s and moving 3s? If so then that player will benefit. If not, save your tokens.

If you play current, you don’t want steady shooter.

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Is it worth it to bang on inv. bol bol on curent gen steady?

I heard blinders was OP on Next but havent heard anything on Current but who knows(got all invincible squad).

As @ozzinium said on current its better not have that badge on your players.

For players on current that can green close to all of their shots then maybe because then you get only the bonus for contested shots. If you shooting whites you miss more shots with blinders on current.

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