Bleacher Report Top 100 NBA players

I hope this list is better than the ESPN one. it can’t get much worse

Durant 10
Davis 8

No :thinking:

Luka number 3 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this list is disqualified.


AD at 8 :joy:


Talk about overrating Lebron and underrating Davis.

How do you put Davis at 8 and LeBron at 1? AD was clearly the best player on the court on at least 3 of the Lakers Finals wins. if it wasn’t for LeBron name, AD would get the Finals MVP 100%.

Imagine thinking Lillard, Luka, Harden, Jokic, and Kawhi are all over Durant :joy:

Harden should switch with durant, would make a little more sense


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Well from what I can see…

Durant and Davis are too low
Kawhi should not be below Harden
Tatum and Simmons are a tad too high
Zion is also a bit high for my tastes, especially after only 24 games

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I’m guessing Durant being ranked that low is just because he didnt play last season.

Harden being behind kawhi makes no sense, does, kawhi back to no respect after 1 bad playoff half, harden has those every postseason

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Agree but going forward I think there’s a good chance ad moves into the most impactful player on the lakers this year. His offence while not lebrons is still really good plus his defence is a lot better, it’s close, ad should be top 5 for sure

Curry plays 5 games last year but ranks higher :woman_facepalming:

Yep, to me it’ll be pretty clear who the top 5 in the league will be this season (Bron, Giannis, AD, Kawhi, KD), with Luka also a big chance to sneak his way into that group

He didn’t have a good Game 7, but he’s still the best ‘get a stop/bucket’ guy in the league

its because of his injury and he’s no longer on the best regular season team in history

Ya that would be my top 6 too

The disrespect is crazy

Zion is overrated.
I wish him the best in the league, but so far I highly doubt he will last for a decade since he seems to be v fragile and often injured.

I hope he can prove me wrong, but putting him this up after +20 games in his career is a big joke.

Let him build himself, let him just play the game and let him improve. He has so much pressure from the media, and I am sure that is playing up on his health sadly