Bleacher report just dropped some FACTS on 2k

Go onto youtube and find bleacher report’s chanel, click on the most recent video “Game Of Zones” and nod your head to the truth being spit by the characters


Nice I watched every episode, curious about what they say about 2k

Must watch! How many of you can relate?


I guess ronnie doesnt share this on twitter haha.

Lol one of the funniest ones yet. Fultz had me dying

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Lmao he just share it.

This is great. Ronnie1k… Man so accurate.

Hayward with his foot backwards lol

I lost it at “suppose you could try again next year”

This is awesome! Derek Rose’s leg falling off.

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you have to watch the wooden cutscenes lol

Best GOZ episode ever! Fuckin hilarious!