Blake at the 4 or 5

Topic says it all… I see Blake and feel like he is the best 4 or 5 in the game… where are you starting him and why.

Got him yesterday and haven’t played a 5vs5 game with him. Curious to see the answers. I’m thinking of pairing him with KG, looks like his ideal fellow big man (or AD). I guess its more of a question for the off side cause i would always set the matchup on Def depending on my opponent

See this is what I was thinking. Kg and ad have a bit of height on him so I am wondering if they are better tat the 5 to exploit the Blake matchup even more

I use him at 5. Hes quicker than most centers . Strong enough to hold centers and moves around the rim almost as good as Tim.

Played one challenge game with Blake at the 4 and wasn’t really feeling him. Posted on here after and everyone said put him at the 5. So I think that’s his future with the Legion.

Yeah 5 spot.

His only weakness is perimeter defense/lat quickness and a lot of people run quick 4s. Blake should be able to handle most 5s (except blake himself) and you can take advantage of the mismatches on offense.

The only issue with Blake at the 5 is he gets out rebounded. I only use him at the 5 if i have someone like KG at the 4. But he can easily play both pretty well imo.

I usually run him at the 4. I’m sure it will happen but I’ve never had him cooked by anyone yet.
I always have a 5 I can flip with him if the matchup dictates but have only done that for offensive reasons so far.

in my playstyle 4. i would rather put duncan (long arms) or draymond (post move lockdown and hof intimidator) at 5. good on offense, but post defence not so much for me

I run him at the 4 with KG at the 5. KG grabs every freaking board so I’m happy with that

He’s best at the 4 for sure.

His paint defense is too weak to play the 5 against HOF slashing and post badges.

And you lose out on his HOF showtime potential by having him under the rim for rebounds instead of leaking out on fastbreaks.

I’m running him at the 4 next to Jokic and love the pairing. Blake will shine at either position though

yeah, i put gold intimidator to him but not enough to stop opponent to score in the post, atleast i struggled, especially if they have elite post moves.