Black Market?

Yo so maybe there’s not a black market because there wasn’t last year, but something tells me there might be one in the game this year. Has anyone found anything hinting to there being one? Or have any ideas on how to try and access it? If I remember correctly in 2k16 there were hidden runes on cards that you could find only by viewing the card and rotating them, and in 2k17 you had to sit on the pack screen for an hour and not touch anything. Is there confirmed to not be one? Or is it possible that there is one and no one has found it?

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Definitely don’t know for sure.

But I would assume the black market died once they made Diamond contracts/shoes auctionable.

What’s this black market you speak of

I still haven’t recovered from spending 750k Mt on Steve Nash from the BM those years back only to fight with 2ksupport the entire year about him not having badges or hot spots.


Used to be a secret pack market you opened in weird ways. Could buy 3 diamond contracts per account (only way to get diamond contracts back then). And then there would be random rare expensive packs at times. Either had rare good cards or rare cards for sets to complete, or diamond shoes(?).

Oh and rare balls cards too? I think one of the tiger stripe ones went for like 10k on the AH that year or something.