Black kray is the future

All I can say is that guy needs to hit all you can eat sometime

But his fnn same Color as his shoes :pray:

This one always went hard

I rock with lil Tracy tho

I have no idea what hes saying


Just adds to the expirence and makes each new listen special :pray:

Think of it as an Aumbiant riddle

Lots of styles tho tbh

Bruh I can’t experience someone’s music when they are barely a bill and some change

?? This makes no sense I dispise fat ppl but still listen to a fat dude if he dope like biggies skys the limit

Snoop and wiz were skinny but they trash so not good examples

Pac weighed 155 in the city where skinny “””” die

A fat man could easily beat the fuck out of most common folk… I can barely tell the difference between this mf and the branch my dog plays w in the back yard

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But he keep the stick so he good he really is the truth and lil peep and them bit his style

He dripping :droplet::droplet::droplet: heavy tho those fits :fire:

I Always thought my ears would never bleed, that changed the day I listened to Lil Peep

Ya peep trash but lil Tracy good tbh

This not fire ? This so good :drooling_face:

All I’m saying is if they are barely 120 they should stay in their lane and start bulking

?? Who cares about weight when everybody got a strap in the states

Thug the 2nd best rapper of all time he like 135

Why do you despise fat people?

Lack of work ethic

I second this ^^

Thats not true lol