Bird vs Kirilenko

I like Bird a whole lot better as a player in real life (probably just like everyone else) but Kirilenko is just such a monster. Anyone used both that prefers Bird?

think alot of guys here (including me) prefer bird way more for that green bean release

You play with his PD at all?

I used his pink diamond which I liked but the opal is way better. I just built an all legends starting lineup with magic Jordan bird Garnet and Kareem and bird just takes over games sometimes. He does not miss open three pointers. That being said for the second year in a row I’m just not a fan of magic cards and I’m selling him back tomorrow and going to run opal Oscar at point guard. I have opal Ben Simmons as bench point guard so I don’t need Magic to deal with the tall point guards.

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Cool! You try Kirilenko at all? He just plays so much better than anyone would expect.

I tried them all. that said I’m on the switch :stuck_out_tongue: I had the pd all the way until Sunday after I bought the GO. couldn’t bear to sell him even as his price dropped. and had to test out the GO which i did for a week before finally giving the pd up with contract and foams for bin. AK replaced pd Larry for me for awhile. I used to keep Larry in last three in case I needed a shot but I didn’t really. and AK was a beast on everything like u said. I’m still holding him for awhile as a 97/98 and ak era jazz fan, but considering selling.

went from kd/Larry to kd/ak then now GO bird/kd

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Yeah my favorite thing Kirilenko did in real life was get tea bagged by Baron Davis lol. Think I’m just gonna have to try the GO Bird for myself. Wish he was a prime player instead.

you could wait a couple of days tho. you saw that Monday super packs locker code?

and to be fair. he wasn’t GO level. but he was a pretty good player. you don’t get Dunked on if you don’t contest!

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For sure. He was a solid player. It is just kind of funny that there is even a conversation between him and bird in the game. And yeah getting dunked on is part of playing the game at that level. It was just a really bad decade for the warriors. Nobody is gonna feel bad about that now though lol.

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Anything specifically about Magic’s card that makes you prefer Oscar? He’s a part of my endgame lineup pretty much every year, though I did miss last year.

I like AKs release more than Birds

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