Bird or AG

Im running spotlight Giannis as my starting PF, but who is the better card for the bench? Ive heard bad things about AG animations, but I am hesitant about getting Bird because of his post D

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I am not crazy about running Bird at PF. AG would be better there in my opinion

Bird is an N for me, but AG is a W

How does AG rate as a post defender?

against anyone 7’0’’+ hes BBQ chicken
against SFs and stretch 4s hes good

Bird. AG pure trash.

I was thinking that after i faced him and he missed about 3 3s in a row for my opponent

I think AG is the best glue SF in the game

Yes but when I already have KD and Kawhi i dont think so. Cant create his own shot as well as either of them

Yeah that’s not his role. That’s why I called him a glue SF. I don’t run my offense through my SF so he fits perfectly

He locks up any card in the game, gets out in transition and hits open shots/finishes strong at the rim. All I need

you guys forgot what bird did in that 250k tournament? @SF bird>AG

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Yes but that was before KD and Kawhi were out. Im not running an 85 speed SF anymore

92 speed shoe and coach. Bird is a god.

a lot of us like Bird bc his cards are ALWAYS good for a while (minus the diamond reward but I never had it), and we all have his release and animations down.

that being said, stats and badging on other cards outclass him now, but I still run him bc he’s damn good and he’s probably the card I green w/ the most on open shots, which I’m sure is the case or close to it for a lot of us.