Billy Cunningham white Kobe AD Mids 36k Xbox one

Just posted up a steal for anyone who wants Billy C. Diamond Billy with perfect badging and White Kobe AD Mids up now for 36k on Xbox one

Diamond contract too ?


Whoever picks him up is getting one of the best budget cards in the game, put him at SG and feast.


Yeah I hate to sell, but my team is stacked since getting Wilt and Unseld, I need the Mt to make a run at getting Opal Malone.

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I get it man, I just purged like 500K worth of cards and went from 4 Sixers lineups to 3. Feel like it’s a good time to stack MT.

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Definitely. In your opinion is PD TMac a huge upgrade from PD Melo… if both are being played at 2 or even att the 1 or 3?

Melo’s post game is too much of an advantage.

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Thx I might have to pass on this Karl Malone set then. Unless I move melo or Tmac to the bench.