Bill Walton nerfed?

So I played prolly like 5 hours yesterday using bill, he was great, smooth dribbles very fast at getting to the basket nice dunking animations
This morning tho he was only getting slow dunking animations and felt heavy, anyone feel this way or am I losing it

New card juice expired lol


It felt that way :joy::joy: but for real that’s how I felt using him today

I only tried him out for couple minutes in freestyle so I can’t tell, but it’s possible.

2K must have gotten a report of the carnage in Bill Walton’s wake in my offline grind yesterday.


So did he actually get nerfed? I only just bought him to try out so can’t compare to how he was if he did

I used him earlier today; he seemed the same to me.

Usually in weekend the sliders are slightly casuals that labor days.

I see much withes shoot into the basket in my two boards that i only see brent barry diamond and dell curry (5 ball drop in lose, 1 ball 0 curry).

He was fine last night again, it was just weird how bad he felt yesterday morning

Do you guys really believe they “nerf” players? I’ve never noticed anything like this. The entire team can play bad, but specific players?

The only player I saw an insane decrease in performance over week was RJ Barret. I was going off with him for almost a week and then all of sudden started bricking left and right. Not sure if it was just me, but I was so sold on him I added contract and shoe, then never used him again.

When I posted this the way he was playing was noticeably different… even his dunk animations were different, then the next day he was back but it was just weird to me

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