Bill Russel or kevin mchale

Is bill a 130k better


Always go for saving and not spending mt while you can. I’ll go McHale.

Russell is definitely better but McHale is 130k cheaper. Would definitely go the cheaper option if I were you

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Thanks lads was leaning this way bill does look nice but not 130k nicer

Lol no way.

Shooting with Bill and McHale back to back in freestyle made McHale feel like he had base 98.

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Mchale has better animations too and bill’s kind of feels generic

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Damn Russell’s really not appreciated I see

I’m finding the opposite, McHale seems overall clunky to me and Bill’s animations seems so smooth, both in transition and off the catch

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Minnesota Legends. Shout out Atmosphere


McHale is a better cone but Bill Russel is a much better playmaker and defender. Not even close. McHale is over in my lineup.