BigSpanny is LIVE on TWITCH!


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I’m live

So did you make a million mt this weekend?

I think close to 750k - I have a ton of outcomes to cash in at the end of the night. All between 24-35k plus a Kobe for 75k

The issue I’ll have with a million is I probably Reinvested 300k over the weekend in (things)

Picked up Rudy, Bol Bol, as well if you wana factor them in.

Sounds like a productive weekend :).

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Not bad at all, it only took me 20 some odd games to get a ring this weekend or it would have been way more productive

time to cash in and see how much I’ve got in the bank. I will say I stupidly didn’t post any Kobe’s till today, If you take just the Kobe’s I have (7-9) of each left thats about a Mil alone. I guess that will be the focus the next few days. Sell those ASAP

Damn 20? I got lucky and got it first game lol

Final on hand MT at 3am on the dot (not including any liquid MT) is 611k. Honestly I’d say I made over a Mil if you sell back Bol Bol and take out the badges I picked up and contracts (I have 20 Diamond contracts chilling for a rainy day haha)

Not a bad weekend @raptorsbenchmob. How was your weekend? I came by your stream, I believe Friday night and it was tight. I try and come by and support when I’m not streaming and I see your on late night. :fire:

Hahaha it happens, I feel like I’d gotten them relatively early the last few weeks especially during the week we had the 85 and under requirements. So I was due for a long weekend, it just sucks the rest of the mode was so juiced the one weekend I have to play even 8+ games

Weekends are busy for me. M

Ive been on and off 2k. Playing some COD and a lil mlb. Still like to scrim on 2k. But bummed out that they taking so Long to release cards like pascal and Lowry. Og in the glitched market sucks. They hoeing the raps fans lol

If they keep recycling crap cards like Westbrook the last few weeks is going to be straight fire content with no time for it to matter (wack).

Real talk tho… all the investments ppl have made are going to go wild which means the market will pick up which is the only fun part of the game atm. Lets see if I can hit a Milly by tomorrow.

Also, I’m Live for those coming through. I just dont have my mic on due to the NFL draft but will flip it on if anyone wants. Just lmk and message 2kgamer

What’s good guys?! I havnt been on today due to the horrible content but I can assume everything in the market is up. Come check out what’s going on in the market and let me know if I should go for the hof badge or Richard Lewis

Mic is HOT :fire: come kick it

30 min later and I finally figured it out haha mics hot come through

Flippin it