Biggest profit this year?

Profit includes snipes, pack pulls, and added HOF badge hauls. Mines was when I pulled glitched DeRozan out of the HOF badge locker code in season 6 and when I pulled Invincible Kawhi out of a single Monday. What were some of yours?

I juiced up a Sim with hof badges and he sold for 305k

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I invested in 4 MPJ’s when many on the investment thread said not to and cleared a nice easy million on vacation selling him back after packs expired

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I pulled a DM Gary payton from a free pack and got like 200k back from the sale

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I know you were satisfied with that investment

Is there another Giant player they haven’t released yet??? I got Sim and bradley both juiced. Is PD bol still worth it for power foward or even center?

bought 3 invincible Yao for 700-730K each and flip them over 1m+ mt each.

1.6M for the first opal MJ on PS4

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Manute Bol I think is left without a juiced card.

If you can’t aford the invincible, the pd is still a goated card

Definitely won’t be able to afford the bol family at their highest tier so ill just enjoy the pd bol’s

TMac out of a radioactive free weekly pack I sold for 600k MT 3 days after he was released :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Made a ton off this guy fan favorites 2 is my favorite drop all year pulled every card but ben.

Bought Giannis for 383k sold for 630k. Usually I snipe every year, but this year it’s just a waste of time

bought PG Giannis for 1ml, badged him up and sold him after a couple of days for 830k … oh wait, you said profit …

Bought the PD John Wall probably in like December for 300k. Immediately regretted my purchase and sold him for 450k

Bought all the cards for invincible bol bol, and locked him. Profit

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Pulled dm hondo from a locker code and put blinders on him.

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Diamond contracts for me. Stocked up with 1mil worth a few times when they were around 12k each after a locker code
Would then hold and sell for 35-40k each

Not gonna speak on how much I bought Invincible Kobe for On the first week he dropped

Safe to say that person had a hefty profit

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