Biggest overall difference in matchmaking

Guys what was the biggest overall difference you had in MTU? I just had a game with my 85 ovr (rubies and amys) vs 97 ovr (GO GOAT Squad) - my 12th game (11-0). Guy didn’t want to give me a win. :slight_smile:

I rarely have ever matched up with a team below 95 ovr all year, and my teams been a 96 ovr basically since March lol

93 - 82, two days ago. I don’t feel bad if I’m destroying those Ovr discrepancies.

Idk why guys are still trying to ovr glitch their way to 12-0. At this point, just throw your best lineup and bombs away.

Flood them if they are an overall cheeser.
Otherwise feelsbadman if you’re just running a theme team.

Lot of bums play the game.

I just went 12 and 0 and except for last game … running 85 overall …I was playing 82 to 87 teams

Last game 89…opals versus gold/emeralds I sweat fest lol

But yeah I faced 98 before …with 85 …it is random whether overall cheese works

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Just played a similar game on my last game while I was trying to go 12-0 for the first time all year :frowning: :frowning:
He had the algo the entire game, played a zone and double teamed every one of my players literally every play after I had the lead in the first quarter. Played a nice game but he wouldn’t quit for me either lol knowing it was my first time. It’s all good tho I guess it’s just time to grind harder on my next 12-0 streak.

84 vs 98