Biggest Loser

So I’m whooping this guy today n he starts talking trash telling me how much of a loser I am cause i spent so much money on my team (which I didn’t) n he spent no money n got all the locker codes to get his PD team. So I’m asking who’s the bigger loser guy who spends tons of money or guy who camps for codes. I’m not usually one to defend the big spenders but I would have to say that I think the bigger loser is camp for locker code guy. Atleast if your spending tons of money your prolly atleast leaving your house doing something productive n earning the money. On the other hand they released them locker codes morning noon n night weekdays weekends to get every code u have to literally be doing nothing this summer but code camping I can’t imagine it would be possible to work or have a girlfriend if you got every code. Just my opinion let me know what you all think!

Not everyone got a bunch of pink diamond hardens

Was he saying he was the people’s champ, did he say what position he was on the leaderboards

Who’s the bigger loser?


Some people work night shifts. Or they are independant contractors i do feel like a loser waiting for codes. Like the KAT code was really bad. Waited literally all day. Until 1 am lol. Hope that doesnt make me a loser

I can’t imagine you’d have either a job girlfriend or anything with how often you play this game and how unintelligible and insufferable you are. Cuck.


You’re the biggest loser for running trash ass cheese and exploiting a video game, and then somehow thinking there’s a people’s champ for such things.


If, by some crazy chance in hell, you are married and have managed to maintain somewhat of a relationship (boy would I feel bad for that woman), what would your wife/girlfriend think of how you brag and post about this game?


Sorry we all couldnt pull 15 PD Hardens in 10mins.

I get a lot of codes and I travel a lot. All u gotta do is have the app


Mug tries to act humble when he knows if he didnt get HardenGlitch, hed have credit card debt

It’s really not hard to spend 5 minutes on a day of a drop and just refresh Twitter and then enter the code.

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except yesterday when they dragged it out. Ronnie always gives heads up tho

With the exception of yesterday, codes drop at 1 EST aside from a few

He could’ve been like 9yrs old and can’t afford to spend.

Personally I think “losers” are the guys that feel they need to compare themselves to others, and brag about how good they are at a basketball video game


If you have the app on your phone n your out doing things how is it possible to enter the code n see the tweet just curious

Its been dropping mostly at the same time so just take 10mins to do it console

I mean you can enable Tweet Notifications for My team Twitter lol

I’m not even trying anymore after waiting last night and not getting one, and network error codes before that

Again I ask a general question n get personally attacked by a lot of the same guys trying to get me kicked from the site! There a lot of jealousy out there especially from 508 n Evans daddy but to be honest if I were you 2 I would be jealous of me Too!!! I ain’t mad at cha

Been Console Gang since everybody is on the app lol

I personally don’t care if you cheese in supermax. You gotta do what you gotta do to get to PD. I never seen you play so I don’t know what kinda cheese you do